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Marissa Alexander, Coach

Marissa possesses a passion for guiding and encouraging people to build resilience, restore, and elevate their lives.

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Domestic Violence Prevention

Cultural Communications

Personal Development

Leadership Development

Customer Experience Leadership

Transformational Leadership 

Criminal Justice Reform

Emotional Resilience


My Journey

In 2008, I had it all: I was young, educated, enjoying a successful management career at a Fortune 500 company, married to a great guy, and the proud mother of amazing twins. I owned a beautiful home, a luxury SUV, and a fluffy Maltese named Jasmine. My financial portfolio was well-rounded, with savings, a retirement plan, company stock, and a college fund for my twins. However, just two years later, my world collapsed. In 2010, I got divorced, remarried, suffered abuse during pregnancy, got arrested, lost custody of my newborn baby girl, was separated from my twins, lost my job, and was facing a 20-year prison sentence. True story. Look it up

Over the next seven years, I was incarcerated or on home detention. My health and relationships deteriorated. Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts were unrelenting, leading to the development of numerous unhealthy ways to cope. I became angry, jaded, defensive, and bitter, and was in denial about all of it. My identity was shaken, and I questioned my abilities and self-worth. I was ashamed and profoundly disappointed in myself and my circumstances.

As I navigated false-start relationships, dead-end jobs, and recurring bouts with depression, I would reach a breaking point, somehow recover but couldn’t seem to get a breakthrough. My coach asked me what I wanted. Annoyed, I sarcastically replied, "I want my life back? I worked hard for it!" Her response was simple but eye-opening: "Mmhm. You set yourself up for that success. You're still Marissa Alexander" Her words landed awkwardly so I let them sit for a moment. Then, I realized that I had created the life I wanted once, but now, I was feeling overwhelmed and burdened. My passion, confidence, and ambition had been replaced by resentment, anger, and fear. I wanted IT to change. I didn’t have a plan or a guide. I didn't know where to start but I made a decision to change things instead of waiting for them to change. Through trial and error, prayer, my village, and therapy, I pushed through, sometimes day to day, sometimes moment to moment. Sure, I tripped and tumbled, ended up with some scrapes and bruises, but guess what? It was better than sitting around waiting for something to change. I chronicled every step of my journey - the good, the bad, the ugly, the unfair, and the unjust. While compiling entries for my memoire, I discovered that I'd actually created a blueprint, a roadmap for overcoming setbacks and restoring confidence under the most challenging circumstances. I emerged on the other side, stronger and wiser - my relationships, finances, career, and health have been restored and I am happier and living a more fulfilling life than I could ever have imagined. Now, I am eager to help you achieve your goals and dreams by applying the same process and principles to your life. Remember, you're not alone on this path. I believe in you - you have the power to transform your life, too. Let's conquer this journey together.







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