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Thinking Out

Marissa Alexander

Valentine's Day Message

Valentine’s Day 2023

It's February 14th - Valentine's Day.

Many people recognize today with vast expressions of love through cards, flowers, candy, gifts, intimate dinners, and romantic gestures. I'm motivated by whatever makes my heart full. I choose to use holidays as a reminder to show love through my everyday actions. However, I find that people seem more empathetic and compassionate towards others around holidays. Empathy is the ability understand another person's pain or struggle. It's our awareness of a person's feelings. Compassion makes us respond in ways that can help improve someone else's less fortunate circumstances or situation. It's our response to how we feel about their experience. I've discovered that compassion and empathy are my superpowers. I've learned to use my superpowers to withhold judgment and seek understanding. This helps me to focus on and be part of the solution. Valentine's Day and other holidays bring out the best in us. What would happen if we showed a fraction of this kind of love, kindness, and generosity towards everyone, not just our romantic interests? Imagine the world we could redesign if empathy and compassion were daily practices. Let's embrace our humanity and commit to treating ourselves and others with loving kindness, everyday. Marissa


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